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Thread: Moving from Upcoming to GD

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    Moving from Upcoming to GD

    I rarely, almost never, visit the upcoming film forum, and rarely, almost never watch movies in theatres. So when I watch a movie on DVD and go to see what my fellow MCers said about it (for example, Cloverfield, which I watched yesterday) it's kind of annoying to go through 11 pages of discussions about trailers and screenshot teasers before you get to an actual peer review.

    So I guess what I'm asking is that once a film hits theatres can we not have all the pre-game talk in the same thread as discussion about the actual movie? Or, at least something to indicate what page the first review appears on so we can go directly there?
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    Good idea.

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    The problem that I can see with this is that some people around here, number8 and Doclop in particular, see the films before they're released, so some reviews and discussion take place before the film is released and naturally occur in the original threads. I don't have a problem with the idea, so long as the first person to see it remembers to create a new thread in GD. But again, if they see it a few weeks before it's released, or even a few days, you will still have to push through a thread that is one review to kick things off and then a few pages of speculation. It'll still result in some searching on your part.

    Keep in mind though, it's not up to me. Raiders is the be all/end all of the site. His approval is mandatory. :P

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