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Thread: Catwoman: Hunted (Shinsuke Terasawa)

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    Catwoman: Hunted (Shinsuke Terasawa)

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    This movie turned out completely different than I expected. I was looking forward to an adaptation of Brubacker's Catwoman storylines, which are heavy on noir, grit and violence. Instead, this American-funded animé is more an elaborate heist with constant visual and musical head nods to Cowboy Bebop and the Lupin saga. There's no Batman here so the flirting and sexual tension are appropriately transferred into Batwoman, and in fact a highlight of the film is their bathroom innuendo scene. Overall this is as watchable as Batman: Ninja was a few years before but, unlike that film, the storyline isn't really memorable and is more of a throaway excuse to link together several set pieces.

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