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Thread: Barbarian (Zach Cregger)

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    Barbarian (Zach Cregger)

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    Wow, who knew Zach would turn out to be such an exciting filmmaker. Barbarian is built upon a series of blatant red herrings and toys with the audience's familiarity with Horror movie tropes and even real life prejudices. It's one of those movies that are difficult to discuss without spoiling and worth going in completely blind. The trio of actors is pretty amazing and I don't know if this is deliberate but Skarsgard looks a little bit like the great, late Trevor Moore here.
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    Between this and Pearl, been seeing some great original horror movies lately. There's some influence of Parasite here (and both of them are influenced by The People Under the Stairs), and a number of disparate, hot topic How We Live Now threads, but I think this script is real spicy. Like if someone gave me an assignment and only told me "AIRBNB horror movie" I don't think I could come up with a script this good. It's pretty mean to the characters in an IDGAF way, and all of the topics of race, class, gender, sexual violence, etc. are woven into a nasty little thing that I find better at this type of stuff than any number of award winning, sanctimonious prestige message movies. I actually thought the very end was going to be even meaner in the direction it was headed in, and kind of wish it went there, but still pretty gnarly.
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    Shakier the more it widens the scope, feeling more random and inviting horror-movie questions that had been sidestepped at first by the initially narrow focus. It makes for a fun, at times very funny curveball structure that keeps the audience off balance though. The cast is excellent and director Cregger has some serious horror formal chops that makes it so unnerving and gripping scene-by-scene, to the point that I don't even mind the ridiculous logic of that initially confusing climatic "jump" that much because he has me in the batshit escalation of that moment. 6.5/10
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