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Thread: AmbuLAnce (Bayhem)

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    Nov 2007

    AmbuLAnce (Bayhem)

    Barbarian - ***
    Bones and All - ***
    Tar - **


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    Jul 2014
    I stopped watching Bay after Revenge of the Fallen, briefly saved for Pain and Gain due to its reception and then feeling meh on it. But this genuinely feels like his best since The Island (probably a weird choice as Bay's best, and I do need a rewatch). As most mention, this really doesn't need to exceed two hours, but mostly its focused premise allows for a streamlined, propulsive momentum and less nonsensical narrative detours than usual, so his maximalism is put to good use as "what he's gonna throw at these characters next" entertainment. Plus a group of likeable actors elevating what's already the director's somehow most earnest, mellowed-out story ever. And I'm glad Bay shares whatever stuff he's on with Gyllenhaal, whose crazed delivery is so consistently in sync with the director's style: "It’s cashmere!" "Yeah well, I wish I didn’t have herpes, but you know we all got to go with what we got." 6.5/10
    Midnight Run (1988) - 9
    The Smiling Lieutenant (1931) - 8.5
    The Adventures of Robinhood (1938) - 8
    Sisters (1973) - 6.5
    Shin Godzilla (2016) - 7.5

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    Yeah, count me on board. Dismayed that this is a remake because I now need to watch the original out of completism OCD but as a virgin watcher of this... well, like Peng says, it should be shorter but it has all the Bay-isms both in the frantic, somehow still legible editing and the dialogue and storyline.

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