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Thread: Criterion Challenge 2022

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    Criterion Challenge 2022

    Welcome to the Criterion Challenge 2022 thread!

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    MC Criterion Challenge 2021

    There are 52 categories - one for each week. Watch any Criterion related film in connection to the categories between 1/1/22-12/31/22 that have been released on Laserdisc, VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, or has been featured on The Criterion Channel streaming service. The films can be watched daily, weekly, or monthly, and in any order! I would like for all picks to be first time watches but will leave that up to you.


    Good luck, one and all. Let the arthouse binging begin!
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    First week bonus = discover the age of MC posters! I'll be going with Sweetie.

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    1. Watch a movie from the year you were born.
    I had an aborted attempt at Ann Hui's The Boat People back in late November, but this watch proved breathtaking. The first 20 minutes or so are setting up the stakes and leading us into a false narrative--what the North Vietnamese want the world to see of post-1975 Vietnam--before placing us into the daily horrors of poverty, labor camps for those who need re-educated, and the aftereffects (left behind mines) from the war. Characters recede and reappear, and some of the film's structure--embedding belief in escape without ever knowing if that person will escape--are indeed powerful. There's one or two operatic images that go hard into the melodrama, but by then Hui has earned the film's pathos, and the final 10 minutes are as nerve-wracking as I expect to see this year.

    A great first film for this challenge.
    The Boat People - 9
    The Power of the Dog - 7.5
    The King of Pigs - 7

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    Lets see if I can get past week 7 this year
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    Movies from when I was born would be easy. Epic year. 1979.

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    1. Watch a movie from the year you were born -- Sweetie. Challenging material and excellent shot composition make this an exciting debut from Campion (and predictive of her future successes), but it doesn't congeal quite right: if only the tree metaphor were more illuminating and/or unique. Three stars.

    2. 1920s -- The Kid Brother. Sing a sad song for Harold Lloyd, the brilliant star outshined by Keaton and Chaplin. Delightful from beginning to end, but "lesser" in terms of gags, emotions, satire, and more. I loved the bit where Lloyd kept climbing the tree higher and higher in order to say one more thing to his crush. An easy film to recommend to silent-skeptics, but why would you when Sherlock Jr and City Lights exist? Three stars.

    Up next:
    30s: Only Angels Have Wings or The Story of the Last Chrysanthemum
    40s: Le Corbeau, I Know Where I'm Going, or Leave Her to Heaven
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