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Thread: Nightmare Alley (Guillermo Del Toro)

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    Nightmare Alley (Guillermo Del Toro)

    Barbarian - ***
    Bones and All - ***
    Tar - **


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    In term of GdT's too-slick prestige phase, I like it slightly more than The Shape of Water, since the director is more at home with dark descent than fairy-tale transporting. There are stretches here (often crossing the line over into drags) that it feels even mesmerizing to luxuriate in a gorgeous, expensively made production of paradoxically such cynical, bleak material. 6.5/10
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    Having seen the original recently (it's free on YouTube) I can confidently say this is a wonderful remake or re-adaptation, keeping everything that's unique, twisted and morbidly appealing about the story while significantly expanding on the character development and motivations. I impulsively bought a ticket because I had a few hours to spare and didn't realize the version still on theaters is the black and white one. While it grabbed me all the same, I have to say I owe myself a rewatch now because I kept wondering how each scene and set piece would look in color.

    One thing that tickled me a bit is the wonderful use of typecasting - it actually saves a lot of time to have every talented actor portray exactly the type of role he's most famous for, and I can picture Del Toro watching Carol or Mindhunter and going "I need Blanchett and Mara in period costumes" or "I need Holt McCallany as a tough bodyguard".

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    Just watched this again in color and I can confirm I missed a lot in theaters - not really convinced the black and white was a good idea here despite the film's noir roots. I can also confirm I much prefer the "pure" genre Del Toro films (like this and Crimson Peak) to those that combine Horror elements with uplifting drama like The Shape of Water.

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    Very, very dull. Del Toro has taken 50s noir and embalmed it.
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