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Thread: tick, tick... BOOM! (Lin-Manuel Miranda)

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    tick, tick... BOOM! (Lin-Manuel Miranda)

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    Andrew Garfield has always excelled at playing characters with a bit of an asshole streak in them (which is why Under the Silver Lake was his best performance, until now). And it's a godsend for this film as he manages to save the first half from being nigh insufferable to go through, as writer Steven Levenson and director Lin-Manuel Miranda aren't able to modulate the character's self-absorbed narcissism in a way that isn't often grating, with Garfield's empathetic all-in performance being the audience's only throughline. Catchy songs though, and the second half improves much as we see the story's tail end of that selfishness, and the world around him opens up more to the stellar supporting cast, so the story delivers one emotional payload after another in quick succession. Didn't expect that I would find this very moving by the end. 7.5/10
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    Kinda my feelings too Peng, it was kinda cute and very music-ish with everyone cheerful and I thought when does it begin, and then little by little it starts to become more sombre and, well I guess pretty engaging and powerful. I'm just blown away by Garfields performance, especially because he's not a musical actor.
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    This movie seriously stopped a streak I was having of watching all the new releases dead on its tracks. I tried to get through the 120 minutes of this on five different times and only ended up succeeding right now, although I confess I did browse Twitter a little on the side when it got too boring, which is usually a no-no for me. I wouldn't even call it a terrible film although it certainly was that way for me, just... something completely uninteresting both in form and content that took way too long to get even the simpler, most basic, pointless and inane dramatic points across.

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