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Thread: Titane (Julia Ducournau)

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    Titane (Julia Ducournau)

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    Wild movie. Hard to watch in real time, lots to process afterward. Ducournau has only gotten more extreme since Raw -- if she somehow ups the ante again with her third feature it may prove too much for me. Despite everything, the film has a beautiful message.

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    Likely the first instant masterpiece from Europe I've seen since Holy Motors (which also featured sexy anthropomorphic cars), despite (or because of?) being heavily influenced by David Cronenberg big time. Really ignited my brain, my heart, my genitals, my eyeballs, and my ears in the best ways.
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    Certainly lots to ponder on that probably takes a second viewing to properly get a full hold of.

    There's strangely been a lot of movies lately about parenthood and think this is certainly one of the better approaches.

    I said it on the discord, and I'll say it here, but strange for the Daily Beast to call this the "sexist" movie of the year. It's like they wanted the first fifteen minutes and tuned out afterward.

    Nobody - ***
    Dune - *** 1/2
    Raw - ** 1/2


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