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Thread: Deepfake Stuff

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    Deepfake Stuff

    I dont have a problem with this use. One thing that bugged me from the original for years was that Arnold doesn't have any eyebrows on the animatronic.

    Movement is still janky, which gives a robot movement touch, but the face is considerably better.

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    I don't know, the original has a bigger uncanny valley factor. Way, waaaaay creepier.
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    I like it as a proof of concept or for future use, but loathe the idea of studios "updating" old F/X la George Lucas.

    A great deal of "Terminator's" charm are in those stop-motion effects you don't see any more.

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    Someone on reddit I think said that he was absolutely convinced there were scenes in Tomorrow War that were like reshoots that they just deepfaked with the actors faces to avoid the expense of reshoots or something. I don't recall any scenes specifically that would fit the bill, but I feel like it would have caused a bigger stink if it really happened.....unless it's already part of the process more than we realize.
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