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Thread: The Mauritanian (Kevin Macdonald)

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    The Mauritanian (Kevin Macdonald)

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    The too straightforward "based on a true story" approach here needs a focus, and Cumberbatch's tangent is one viewpoint too many that feels like the film trying to cover all grounds, when instead it takes up so much time that detracts from its central story, making the whole thing too scattered. Still, this is hugely elevated by its two performances (Tahar Rahim brings so much life and pathos to his every second onscreen, while Jodie Foster injects engaging movie star charisma into a limitedly written role) and the ending stretch. Not just its third-act drama, with one absolutely devastating cut to black, but also the footage of real people at the end. Normally those tend to be superfluous (often to the point of irritating), but here it is allowed to play out strategically as emotionally discombobulating contrast for its central subject, to very poignant result. 6.5/10
    Midnight Run (1988) - 9
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