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Thread: I Care a Lot (J Blakeson)

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    I Care a Lot (J Blakeson)

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    For years I've wanted a worthy follow-up to Rosamund Pike's all-timer performance in Gone Girl. Could this be it?

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    If you crave that sweet sweet Gone Girl-era Rosamund Pike -- the Rosamund Pike whose smile is so reassuring, so perfect, even though you know she's up to some truly sinister shit you simply can't help but admire her commitment to whatever elaborate scheme she's concocted in her putrid soul and therefore you fall deeply in love with her -- then it doesn't matter what anyone says: you're going to watch this movie. But despite her being 100% in her element (and a particularly fun scene in which Chris Messina somehow manages to come across as her equal), the movie commits the unforgivable sin of being a comedy that isn't funny. And a crime drama that isn't thrilling. Oh, and a satire with nothing interesting to say. Also the title is bad. And guess what Peter Dinklage is angry again. At least we get hefty doses of unbridled elder abuse! Always a crowd-pleaser.

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    Feels like the whole film is built around the concept of letting Rosamund Pike's Amy Dunne side let loose, which would explain the plot's contrived turns and tonal whiplash that are to gear her character towards having mostly the upper hand. But damn if Pike doesn't make it so much dark fun to watch, and she's surrounded by a killer roster of supporting cast too. 7/10
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    Yeah, the intro got my expectations pretty high for a great dark comedy with the aforementioned Gone Girl spin off feel, but the movie just failed to deliver. One of the biggest specific complaints I have is that the Russian mob was set up was a truly great enemy, yet they turned out being pretty clumsy from the start - that didn't gel way. Also, it's surprisingly not funny for a dark comedy - a lot of it is played for straight thriller.

    I still voted Yay because I had a fun time.

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