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Thread: The Wire

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    By the way, it's hard for me to agree when I hear people say the show is too hard to watch, because as bleak as it gets, every episode makes me laugh like an idiot. And it's crazy how the funniest lines are often thematically profound. It's like they sit around the writer's room thinking, "Okay, this conversation is the whole dramatic axel of this episode. So let's come up with some great jokes, people."

    In the pilot alone:

    "You killed a rat with your service weapon? What'd you do with the body?"
    "Cleaned it up. I thought about leaving it there as a warning to the others."

    Next scene, Gant's body is found.
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    So yeah, at the beginning of last year I watched the whole thing, and now giving it another round. Season 2 improving by leaps and bounds in the second go (and I really dug it the first time).

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    Been rewatching some clips of this on youtube lately, and some random thoughts:

    -Dukie isn't a parallel to Bubbles. Sadly, he's more like a parallel to Sherrod, a friend of Bubbles that overdoses. Dukie never had a family that cut ties with him because of the addiction. Instead, Dukie's family simply was never there. I imagine Dukie would die of an overdose or a beating in the next season if there ever was one. Every scene of his is pretty painful to watch.

    -Background noises are pretty funny as far as people yelling. When Michael starts beating up Kenard (name?), you hear someone in the background yell, "Hahaha, that little dude is getting his ass beat, hahaha." I don't know why, just find those random lines funny.

    -Dogs bark a lot, but I don't think I ever see them.

    -Kenard is in the show a whole lot more than I thought.

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