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Thread: Match Cut Presents: Four Top Fifties

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    Exit Through the Gift Shop

    An earnest and fascinating documentary about street art, until it isn’t. Even among those who have no problem proclaiming street art to be legitimate art, there are still people who have a problem with Thierry Guetta, who ten years later seems less like a psychotic opportunist swept up in the scene and more like one of the world’s most notable pre-instagram, post-authenticity success stories.

    In fact, Banksy was again ahead of the game by crafting a film so intellectually gripping and visually seductive nobody ever much cared if the entire thing was an elaborate ruse. Yes, it’s about street art, but on another level it’s about the nature of art criticism, even art itself, and how celebrity effects everything. By a certain point we are so deep inside the rabbit hole, the only question that makes sense is the one hinted at by the film’s title: if someone is willing to pay, does anything else even matter?

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    : Audition (2000)
    Director: Takeshi Miike
    Commentary: Perhaps one of the most perfectly structured horrors of all time, this takes its time benignly setting up an atmosphere of casual misogyny that explodes into visceral terror, both mental and physical. The juxtaposition between the gentle dramedy of the first half and the piano-wire tension of the second kind of renders all questions of whose to blame moot; rather, you just want to curl up in a little ball and apologize to everyone, just in case.
    Key Quote: “Words turn into lies. Only pain can be trusted.”
    Best Moment: The sack moves for the first time.

    Director: Michael Haneke
    Films Seen: 9
    Average: 69.33/100
    Commentary: Icy, cerebral, a button pusher - Haneke is all of these, and he can occasionally draw the ire of cinema fans when he pushes their buttons (there has always been something ironic about horror fans feeling slighted by his central thesis of Funny Games (x2), refusing to interrogate the relationship between what the audience looks for in a horror and what film-makers deliver but sullenly accusing the film-maker of being condescending). But damn if his films are not brimming with ideas and stunning shots.
    Best Film: Cache
    Worst Film: The Piano Teacher. Not a fan of the “crazy person does randomly self-destructive crazy things in an art film” subgenre.
    Key Quote: “All movies assault the viewer in one way or another”

    Musical Artist: Talking Heads
    Commentary: One of those bands that I came to late, that I dumped a whole lot of albums into my library, and that I listen to regularly, but that I haven’t really embraced yet as my own, if you know what I mean. I like them, I think they have made some great albums, but they are still aural wallpaper for me at the moment. I really need to sit down and listen to these albums seriously.
    Best Album: Tentatively Remain in Light (1980).
    Best Song: “The Great Curve’” from Remain in Light (1980)
    Last 10 Movies Seen
    (90+ = canonical, 80-89 = brilliant, 70-79 = strongly recommended, 60-69 = good, 50-59 = mixed, 40-49 = below average with some good points, 30-39 = poor, 20-29 = bad, 10-19 = terrible, 0-9 = soul-crushingly inept in every way)

    (1973) 70
    The Day After
    ) 63
    Duck, You Sucker (1971) 68
    Young Mr. Lincoln (1939) 71
    Noriko’s Dinner Party
    (2005) 61
    The Third Murder (2017) 56

    (1999) 85

    /Toy Story
    (1995) 65
    Vice (2018) 57
    The Counterfeit Traitor (1962) 62

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    I would greatly enjoy a trans commentary track on Haneke film.

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    46. BABE (1995)

    It’s quite simple- a lonesome piglet named Babe dreams of becoming a sheepdog on a tiny farm in Australia. Hilarity and eventual triumph in the face of judgment and expectations ensues. The Sheep-Pig fairytale isn’t just a great movie because of its heartwarming story, but because its one made without much compromise to earn an audience of all ages. A lovely, sweet, charming, adorable, and unforgettable story of determination that you'd have to be a cold hearted soul to not enjoy. While Disney and others tried many times to master the Talking Animal© picture, there’s just no other like Babe. Its Pig in the City sequel is something unique as well (while a tad bizarre, its still fitting and oh so cute). The theme for Babe also instantly makes me tear up whenever I think of it. What a pig-ture.

    (streaming on HBO MAX)

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    Just in time for my annual Audition/Babe double feature!

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    Duke's Top 50 Most Influential Movies Throughout Life
    The movies I've seen from age 10-35 that have had ANY (small or large) impact on my personal viewpoint on life, lived by myself, or the perceived perspective of someone else's life.

    The Fugitive (1993)

    The definitive 'chase' and 'wrongfully accused' movie. No one runs better than Ford. No one tracks down their man better than TLJ. Is Ford the the best franchise actors (Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan, Star Wars (and Blade Runner I guess?)), as well as able to think of him exclusive to his solo work? I.e. this film. How was he able to overcome the trope or the type cast? Believe it or not it was this movie, not Star Wars or Indiana Jones, that made me look at things like Patriot Gams and Clear and Present Danger. As a kid, never thought of the franchise stuff being the GOOD Harrison Ford. This is probably his best film from star to finish.

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