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Thread: The Sinner

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    The Sinner

    Did / does anyone watch this?

    Is it any good?

    I like seeing Bill Pullman get work.

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    I watched the first season but not the second.

    The first is ... good to okay. It sets up a helluva great premise in the first episode and you'll dying to know wtf is going on.

    Pullman is okay. He has a weird subplot. If you've ever seen "The Zero Effect," you'll recognize a lot of his mannerisms and tics here.

    I didn't find the ending to be consistently satisfying. There are too many red herrings, the explanations are increasingly implausible, and the show goes on for probably 1-2 more episodes than needed.

    But overall if you like the principals and are in the mood for a crazy/ dark thriller then it's worth watching. (I tuned in because it was the same chick from "The Tall Man.")

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    Very cool thanks for the input!

    It all sounded appealing, the only thing keeping me from jumping on board was that it’s a network / cable show. Nd aside from The X Files and the first 8 years of the Simpsons, those tend to be...eesh...

    Also wth Jessica Biel present (and executive producing), I imagine there are many totally needed, relevant and tonally appropriate shots of her ass?
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    I liked the first season. At one point it veered into hypnosis in order to steer the plot in a certain direction, and I'm usually weary of that.

    I'm fuzzy on Mrs. Biel's ass and how many appearances it made, but I do recall the show being classier than that.

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