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is this in reference to the Mary Sue crusade, i,e, Rey from Star Wars?
Actually, I thought Rey was fleshed out for the better in The Last Jedi.

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Is there any notable artist who actually waters down or changes their art from this “vomit-inducing political correctness” who wouldn’t have done so in the first place (e.g. MC’s new favorite director Olivia Wilde). It just sounds like concern trolling (even if not intended as such) in guise of fReEdOm oF SpEeCh to me.
I don't have any hard evidence of this in a well known author but I know the doubt is always there. I attend a filmmaking class and we were throwing plot scenarios recently and one of them involved a woman cheating on a man and one or two students mentioned something to the effect that the woman is made to look bad in the story, as if infidelity is some kind of slander a female fictional character or a real flesh and blood woman wouldn't do. I know when I say stuff like this some of you see me as some sort of anti-women troglodyte but really, all I'm saying is that an assertive woman doesn't equal a well written character. It all depends on the context of the story you're telling. I know Margaret Atwood and Gillian Flynn have stated opinions like this before.