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Thread: Anna (Luc Besson)

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    Anna (Luc Besson)


    Director: Luc Besson


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    It feels like Besson could easily create a Besson Cinematic Universe, which would incorporate all of his female assassins in an Expendables-like crossover.

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    I wanted to like this so bad, because the visual style is cool, and the action sequences are awesome, but they're surrounded by a dull, lifeless spy drama framed in a non-linear structure that killed every chance of investment.
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    This feels like a more reserved Besson than I've come to expect, and I gotta say, I dig it. This worked for me in a way that I wished something like Atomic Blonde from a couple years back would have. There's nothing exactly revolutionary about the film or anything, I just found it a really overall enjoyable experience.

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    I thought this was a fine spy thriller with a predictable plot but absolutely bonkers structure - I don't know many commercial filmmakers who would leave an action movie plot as confusing and up in the air as this one for so long. And it's always a pleasure to see Helen Mirren in anything, chewing scenery left and right. Besson is as uneven a filmmaker as they come but I'll count this one as one of his wins.

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    Yeh fine is a good word to describe this though I also am in Ivan's boat a little. The structure is indeed bonkers and I can't help think how well the reveal moments would have been if it was just a linear story and Anna needs to overcome each obstacle as she encounters them. I was impressed with Sasha Luss; where did she come from? I wane more Sasha.

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