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Thread: Greta (Neil Jordan)

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    Greta (Neil Jordan)


    Director: Neil Jordan


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    This was pretty good. Nice, fun little thriller. And it was nice to see Maika Monroe appear in something again, and her second collaboration with Chloe Moretz at that. Though this movie is MUCH better than their previous collaboration in The Fifth Wave.

    The film also features one of the most clever dream sequence fakeouts I've seen in a movie before, so kudos to that.

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    I love Neil Jordan so much - his movies are always challenging and different from each other. This is an intense psychological thriller which, like every example of the genre, recalls the works of Polanski and Hitchcock. Isabelle Huppert rocks hard, her performance made me realize how long it's been since she played a wholly deranged villain like this one - she went from being typecast to avoiding that sort of role altogether. And it's always cool to see Maika in anything. Hope she continues to pursue these scream queen roles.
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