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Thread: Raw (Julia Doucournau)

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    Raw (Julia Doucournau)

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    None's seen this?

    I thought it was visually stunning and, obviously, it's one of the goriest, most disgusting films ever made if only because it tries so hard to be. But I didn't find much substance in it - like Blue My Mind, recently, it's the type of Horror film that follows a heavy-handed metaphor to its most radical conclusion and maybe that just isn't my type. I think the classic films that attempted this sort of thing like The Fly and Rosemary's Baby generally had a lot more substance behind their plots.

    I'm not going to make a bad pun about not enough meat on its bones because I'm not a paid professional critic.

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    This has been in my queue for weeks.

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    Quote Quoting Dukefrukem (view post)
    This has been in my queue for weeks.
    Me too.
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    A French semi-companion piece to Ginger Snaps, while not as good, yet still freaky and outrageous. So yeah, I am a fan. The "You taste like shit" line is hilarious.

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