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Thread: My Favorite Albums of All Time

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    I don't have a handle on your music taste, so hopefully you find something worth your while.
    I dont even have handle on my music taste. It's wack.

    I have never sampled Portishead before, but I'm digging it.
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    Uwe Boll movies > all Marvel U movies
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    Portishead I've heard a few songs from, but never an album. I love that Funkadelic album but I love everything I've heard from them so far. Elastica sounds cool I finally got into Wire in 2018.

    And it's happened once again
    I'll turn to a friend
    Someone that understands
    And sees through the master plan
    But everybody's gone
    And I've been here for too long
    To face this on my own
    Well, I guess this is growing up

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    For Portishead I recommend their Roseland NYC album, with good headphones, no distractions. Its a live album, full orchestra, and its raw as fuck
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