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Thread: Altered Carbon (Season 1)

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    Altered Carbon (Season 1)

    Wow no thread yet? Gonna start it tonight I think.

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    Episode 8 this evening.

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    Reviews aren't stellar, but it sure does look amazing. So how is this Skitch?
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    So far, awesome and complicated and Blade Runner and problematic. Its kind of hinging on how it ends.

    The problematic part is putting an Asian lead into a white guy's body, but depends where it goes. They've at least mentioned it a time or two that he doesn't like it and [character who knew Asian body] says "You're looking worse for wear" (or something of the sort), so they aren't ignoring it. I'm not familiar with the books, but I hope theres a purposeful body switch by the end.

    It is complicated, or at least it is to this dad who is shot by the end of the day. If I look at my phone once, I miss something. People die and get new bodies, then people jump in and out of other characters bodies, plus a who-done-it murder mystery, and hundreds of years of backstories.

    I am digging it though. Other than that slightly uncomfortable itch of nationality swap, but I think it will be okay if he swaps at end. He was forced into this sleeve.
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