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Thread: Wind River (Taylor Sheridan)

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    Wind River (Taylor Sheridan)


    Director: Taylor Sheridan


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    This is from the guy who wrote Sicario and Hell or High Water, and you can definitely tell. I thought this was really damn good, and may well be Jeremy Renner's best performance I've seen from him yet at this. Definitely worth checking out.

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    Jeremy Renner is extraordinary. He has the lines and the character arc that might result in an Oscar nomination. But holy moly, Elizabeth Olsen is top-notch as well. All in all, it's hard to find much fault with this film. The writing, the performances, the pacing ... it's all good. It left me shaken and haunted.
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    Wind River (Sheridan, 2017) ****

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    I liked this, but it's not as complex as Hell or High Water, and Renner, while good in this, is far greater in The Town IMO. Her role/performance wasn't spectacular or anything, but I increasingly think Olsen will win an Oscar one day, in the right role. She's less chameleonic but better-at-drama than Brie Larson.
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    This is another worthy entry in Sheridan's series on weary and vulnerable protagonists, though not the best film made from his material. It's not as morally nuanced as Sicario and doesn't quite master its landscape like Hell or High Water. As a director, Sheridan may not possess Denis Villeneuve's eye for meticulous craft, but he delivers set pieces that are similarly masterful at eliciting exhilaration and tension. Sheridan also seems to have a talent for drawing out strong performances. Elizabeth Olsen is captivating in a largely quiet role, and Renner is far better here than his other work as a second-tier superhero suggests. Overall, the story is relatively pedestrian and its themes -- though worthy of discussion -- are awkwardly wedged in. Still, Sheridan clearly respects the capacity of his audience to enjoy a slow-burn while always delivering an entertaining and thoughtful experience. I think he is becoming a leading voice in writing movies for adults.

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    All of Taylor Sheridan's usual writing style is still there along with its pleasures (tough character in tough situations, exploring a place and its people, pungent dialogue), although he takes so many elements from his past two works that it feels like a diluted version, and the toxicity from the corruption of system on a place/its people isn't as strong and layered, mainly because the screenplay focuses mostly on two outsiders and sidelines its Native American characters a bit too much. As director, Sheridan lacks the plunge-into-the-abyss precision of Sicario's Villeneuve or Mackenzie's flavorful locational specificity in Hell or High Water, but he still demonstrates a keen eye for suspenseful, violent set-pieces and eliciting strong performances from his cast. Borderline disastrous use of flashback though, both for its placement in the story and for its bitterness used to power that final action, which somehow seems almost too exploitative to me. 7/10
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    Agreed, this is a fine movie but weird that it's Sheridan's directorial debut since I thought Hell and High Water and Sicario were far better screenplays. This has too many clichés, like the scene where Renner goes to fetch a glass of water for Olsen and she's left alone to gaze upon the guy's pictures of his broken family... How many times have we seen a scene exactly like that?

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