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Thread: DuckTales (Season 1)

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    DuckTales (Season 1)

    Premiered yesterday!

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    Solid first episode. I really dig the new animation, more comic book-like style. Good voice acting, specially by David Tennant as Scrooge and Beck Bennett steals every scene he's in as Launchpad McQuack and, even if she suffers a little of Mrs. Exposition-itis at times, I like this version of Webby a little more than the original (being fair though, it's been years since I've watched the original DuckTales).

    Let's see how high can this duck fly.

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    I enjoyed the first two too (shown together as the premiere). The voice cast is uniformly very good, the animation, as you touched on, is much livelier than your average modern animated show, exploring dimension and looseness in movement (though still having a bit of that "flat" template of so many shows, even non-flash animated ones go for in symmetrically staging like a multi-camera sitcom), and there are a lot of quick and clever gags that they manage to give enough air to land when they recur, which is impressive considering how dense and fast-paced it is otherwise.

    So it's definitely fun, but I'm just not sure with all the other million quality shows in television right now if without hearing a lot of praise that it's gotten even better that I'll have the time to keep up with it. But a part of me really hopes it goes the way of Gravity Falls, Adventure Time or Steven Universe of expanding and enriching its universe into something special and unexpected, since what's here is enjoyable and charming enough to want to return to and see flourish.
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