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Thread: Star vs. the Forces of Evil (Season 3)

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    Star vs. the Forces of Evil (Season 3)

    The season began on July 15 with the airing of the first 4 episodes (7 if you go by their 11+ minute times) and the rest will continue in November.
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    Anyway, this past Tuesday I had nothing to do and wanted to watch something light and goofy so I decided to give this show a shot (a friend had recommended it to me this summer) and... turned out to be pretty damn addictive (caught up to this season in three days). Star and Marco are great characters (specially Star) and have some amazing chemistry, one reminiscent of Dipper and Mabel on Gravity Falls without having the show feeling like a carbon copy of it. It does have it's share of similarities, at least when it comes to the archetypes of the two main characters, the deep lore and continuity and the similar animation style (kind of a mix between GF, Steven Universe and even an occasional hint of the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels, which looks great), however, slowly but surely the show is really, fucking great when it comes to develop it's characters, specially Star (who, starting around the second half of season 1, begins to show quite a few cracks in her bubbly and mischievous personality showing a very vulnerable side) and recurrent villain Ludo (Alan Tudyk) who starts as a pretty two-dimensional asshole and chew-toy and evolves into a more intimidating presence and well-rounded character without the audience losing sight of how ridiculous he sometimes are. Developments like this slowly transform the show from a somewhat standard (but hilarious, god this show's humor is always on point) animated comedy into a more balanced show, sometimes turning into a pretty bittersweet and sometimes sad affair without really losing sight of it's wackiness and humor.

    So yeah, this show is pretty freaking stellar and the beginning of the third season has been pretty dope.
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