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Thread: The Lost City of Z (James Gray)

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    Quote Quoting Skitch (view post)
    Much of this movie was quite well done and interesting.

    Then the ending.

    Fuck this movie.
    What?? The ending is very good. Dat last shot.
    Ratings on a 1-10 scale for your pleasure:

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - 9
    Manson (1973) - 7
    Brick - 7
    War of the Worlds (2005) - 8
    The Dead Don't Die - 5
    No Country for Old Men - 10
    Fear (1996) - 7
    Midsommar - 8
    The Last Black Man in San Francisco - 8
    Booksmart - 2

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    Quote Quoting Pop Trash (view post)
    What?? The ending is very good. Dat last shot.
    The ending was made up bullshit. Sure it looked pretty, but it was totally invented. If they were never seen again, then who knows what happened to them? They could've tripped on a twig and broke a leg and got eaten by animals. And for him to be so dumb as to take his child into that deadly situation that he barely survived twice...just ignorant. Maybe he secretly hated his kid.

    Edit: Its just my issue with "based on a true story" movies. If it had been totally fictional, I wouldn't care.
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