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Thread: Sully (Clint Eastwood)

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    Sully (Clint Eastwood)


    Director: Clint Eastwood


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    I haven't seen this movie yet, but I'm interested, especially given some of the positive comments I've noticed.

    On a another note, this tweet made me laugh a lot:

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    It was okay. Tom Hanks is good. Aaron Eckhart has a weird mustache. Anna Gunn, Laura Linney and Frank Sobotka don't have much to do.

    It's at it's best when it's recreating the landing.

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    Quote Quoting Philip J. Fry (view post)
    It was okay. Tom Hanks is good. Aaron Eckhart has a weird mustache. Anna Gunn, Laura Linney and Frank Sobotka don't have much to do.

    It's at it's best when it's recreating the landing.
    Pretty much. Except I'd fall further on the "It's a waste of time" side of things.

    Poor Laura Linney. Not even one scene with them together at the end. Really?

    The landing scenes are intense enough, but when it's not dealing with that. Even at 86 minutes before credits, it feels strained.

    There are good bad movies (you know, your guilty pleasures, fun disasters, or even knowingly dumb stuff) but this is pretty much a bad good movie. It does the job it sets out to without doing anything egregious, but it's just so tightly safeguarded in its approach that it's just hard to have any reaction to whatsoever. (There are some enjoyably silly biopic parody-feeling moments sprinkled throughout though. The cab driver, Rapaport & the patrons at the bar, the usual main subject sees very specific things that trigger memories of their past, with random eureka moments stemming from them.)

    Made me realize and not feel particularly bad that this is the first Eastwood film I've watched in about 8 years, that one is the one he shows a massive poster for in this movie's Times Square. I laughed.

    What an odd moment for the movie to end on too.
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    Quote Quoting Henry Gale (view post)
    Even at 86 minutes before credits, it feels strained.

    I liked that this movie was so short but it could have cut 20 more minutes and been better. I liked the last 20 minutes but didn't expect it to be the last 20 minutes so when the movie ended I was a bit surprised.

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    If you have Frank Sobotka in your movie, you should give Frank Sobotka stuff to do. Fact.

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    Over-dramatic and annoyingly antagonistic. Worth watching to see a true American hero's story I guess. I love Sully the person.

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    They showed the landing twice, so when it comes up a second time at the end it's anti-climactic. But truthfully, it's not even the best scene in the movie. The best part is what happens after they land on the water and start evacuating. Everything with the guy and lady jumping into the water, the old lady looking like she is about to have a heart attack, and Sully going to the back of the plane to make sure no one was left behind. That whole sequence was amazing. With the movie already being nonlinear I wish they found a way to make that the final climax. End it on a high note.

    That shot of Sully on the boat and the plane sinking behind him is just breathtaking.

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    I really liked this. It's short, economical, and perfectly captures what it's all about. I dare say that folks who wanted more Linney, who's a wonderful actress, are possibly missing the point. This movie isn't about husband and wife, but about pilot(s) and passengers as the real-life coda seems to be intimating in addition to the moment Sully reaches dryland after the ordeal and insists to be around to account for the 155 passengers. I felt elation in fact, the same elation of some of the passengers afterwards. Elation about something that could have gone so horribly wrong, and usually does, but turned out so miraculously well because one man decided to follow his instincts and stay calm under duress.

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    Wow, this was a boring film. I agree that the actual landing sequence is well directed. I feel similarly about the movie Flight but at least there was some real human drama about that one.

    Reading about Sully the actual person, there are many things about his character that could have been used to give his movie alter ego some kind of personality.
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