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Thread: La La Land (Damian Chazelle)

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    In the belly of a whale Henry Gale's Avatar
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    Quote Quoting Ivan Drago (view post)
    The only thing about it that doesn't hold up as well to me is its portrayal of Hollywood. . .a lot of times, it's beautiful, especially with its art direction and locations. But from other perspectives, it comes off as cartoonish, such as when Mia is listening to a writer talk about a script he wrote that was Goldilocks and the Three Bears from the perspective of the bears. It just sounds too cheap for me to believe those are the ideas that wannabe writers in LA come up with. . .unless there are others that can vouch for experiences like this?
    Oh wow, see at first I thought you were going to say the studio lot stuff (like the bickering actors or the girl asking for a refund on her glutenous bagel) or the audition personnel, which I think is purposely heightened (even when negative in tone) to add to the sort of whimsy of any elements relating to showbiz life through Mia's eyes, as if it is fairy tale in nature -- all of which I realize is executed much more clearly with the musical elements of the movie, and when it decides to trickle into the narrative, as well as leave it.

    But the writer going on a self-congratulatory tangent about how "people tell him" things like he has a "knack for world-building" and other unprompted ideas he clearly just wants to plant in people's heads about him, saying he has a lot of buzz around him at the moment, throwing out a dead-end pitch that sounds artificially subversive like the Goldilocks one that no one asked him to give, etc.; That's oddly the stuff I found cringingly accurate to a certain type of young, self-perceptually twisted hotshot that I've only thankfully only experienced from a distance, to not have to engage with directly, but still made me laugh through slight shutters when seeing portrayed here.
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    I think that if we knew the half of it, we'd learn that there are probably thousands of sillier concepts thrown around than one told from the story of bears. And in any case, Jean-Jacques Annaud already did that anyway.

    I think as Henry also says, La La Land does have a sort of fairly-tale quality to it, the poster's tagline is "Here's to the fools who dream."

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    In a bit of meta happenstance, I was supposed to go see this show this month but they unexpectedly ended their run early last month:
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    I finally caught this on TV. I won't bother with a long take because it would pretty much mirror amberlita's post here:

    My girlfriend tuned out after the opening and those couple baffling musical scenes, but I stuck with it and could barely contain myself by the end.

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    I'm the polar opposite of this. I loved the musical numbers that opened the film and disliked the corniness that followed them.

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    That's fair. Since there's absolutely no way I can understand the love for the numbers, we'll leave it at that.

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