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Thread: Suicide Squad (David Ayer)

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    I find it hard to believe "studio interference" is really to blame here. Yes, the editing is horrendous, but does it matter when the footage itself is 90% garbage? It's choppy as hell, but its looks a little like the producers just mercifully quickened the pace to shorten everyone's misery.

    The extended opening, which most seem to attribute to the studio, was about the only tolerable part of the movie to me. Not good, but tolerable in the sense that I hadn't lost all hope in intelligent life just yet. The film quickly, and decisively, turns into a car wreck thereafter. Did the entire film crew just give up once they got to post, realizing they had an un-salvageable turd on their hands? This movie's "faceless disposable henchmen" are literally just big, brown blobs with no faces. How much time did they spend designing them? All of a smoke break? After a couple dozen mud-man kills, we're treated to a completely illogical battle between our "heroes" and a bunch of swirling computer lights that someone felt were passable as "super villains." Forget character, motivation, or even consistent powers. More swirling lights, damn it.

    Occasionally, an actor's charisma gives you glimmer of what might have been, but this dopey script doesn't allow for many of those moments. Honestly, the best part of this experience is that the film at least reaches a comical level of bad that at least makes it more entertaining than the more competent -- but still bad and less entertaining -- Dawn of Justice.

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    I just can't wrap my head over how shitty this was. Who the fuck did they hire to write this shit? Oh, right, David Motherfucking Ayer. Whoever is given the task of penning a Suicide Squad movie and includes dialogue (coming from Deadshot's mouth, no less) about what being in love really means simply has no forgiveness.

    And that's just the tip of the iceberg. This movie also features a shit antagonist (which, correct me if I'm wrong, is simply created as collateral damage by Waller's overconfidence which makes the movie kind of self-defeating), incoherent editing which will make you wonder if you're watching a shortened cut and some truly appalling CGI. It's just so clumsy and stupid it made me yearn for the quality of the staging in Snyder's BvS. Whatever. This drivel doesn't deserve even the superficial level of discussion I'm entering here.

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    Ya'll ready for the opinion from the DC defender?? I watched the extended cut so I don't know about the theatrical.

    Oof was this bad. Mirror everything already said for the most part.

    - Not the worst shot thing I've ever seen.
    - Characters were mostly on point or looked decent enough.
    - Leto's Joker was here nor there for me. I didn't hate it, certainly didn't love it, but I am glad for this: I want more Joker performances out there so its sacred cow status can go away. Let more players play.
    - Yes, the editing was really bad and awkward. But, In my opinion, here is the absolute biggest reason why this movie is bad: WRITING. From the very start, this story is completely without soul, needlessly convoluted, and worst of all, completely unnecessary! Its essentially deploying the Squad because the squad is being destroyed by one of its own. What? Just have a damn villain that causes you to call in the Squad! Look at the animated film Assault on Arkham. Not the greatest flick, but at least the story made some logical sense for deploying a suicide squad. I feel like they could have made that story line even less expensive than this one.
    - It definitely need a few more scenes here and there explaining why people were going where they were going. As it is, they just GO places for seemingly no reason. I can't imagine how much rougher the theatrical was.

    Lastly, its not Catwoman bad, but I'd say its Fan4stic level of sloppy. Some great character designs and special effects to look at, everything else a mess. The first real sign of hope I had in Ayer was after Fury, but we didn't get the Fury Ayer, we got Harsh Times Ayer (the worst thing I've seen from him, I'd say Sabotage Ayer but I shut that shit off after 30 minutes).
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