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Thread: The Conjuring 2 (James Wan)

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    Remarkably dull, building up to a massive anticlimax. Seems to take forever to get going (though the opening scene is the best scene, unfortunately) and forever to wrap up. Looks pretty though, I guess.
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    Man, Wan directs the hell out of this genre. There's nothing outstandingly fresh about this yet it's so well directed and the atmosphere so great it's impossible to dismiss. I could watch a few more of these movies. And I agree the highlight was the out of focus conversation with the ghost.

    About the one thing I disliked was the subplot before the final act where the Warrens consider dropping the case. It seemed out of character and a bit ridiculous (with all they've already seen, footage of the girl throwing dishes around shouldn't change anything) and the movie could have easily been shorter and tighter without it.

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