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Thread: Money Monster (Jodie Foster)

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    Money Monster (Jodie Foster)


    Director: Jodie Foster


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    Ehhhhh... it's superficially entertaining but as it keeps building it just goes ridiculously over the top, to the point where it lost me. The final confrontation, the outcome, that closing shot... I don't want to spoil anything but it's all fairly predictable regardless, trite and cliché dramatics that don't really move the needle in any compelling thematic way. There's one decent moment in there but otherwise it's a Hollywood ending. I could see how the damn thing was being written before we even hit those beats (the backstory with Roberts and Clooney's characters in particular).

    It's not bad really for all of that but I'm gonna go nay.
    Giving up in 2020. Who cares.

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    I'm similarly on the fence. It's a ridiculously fun film with a bad, clichéd script with predictable beats. Its strenghts are the ensemble cast (although Giancarlo Esposito's commissioner is totally wasted) and a couple of great jokes that seem to justify the film on some level for me.

    Eh, not bad for the one watch.

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