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Thread: Captain America: Civil War (Anthony Russo, Joe Russo)

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    I enjoyed it, even if the story was pretty shitty. Seems like the Avengers would be completely shut down after destroying an airport and millions of land for an internal squabble. But hey, I'm grateful that there wasn't a huge force trying to destroy a big city at least.

    I like this because Captain America is probably my favorite out of all the MCU characters. The camaraderie and conflict with Barnes might be the best conflict in the MCU too. Because there's actually a conflict that goes beyond good and evil. Adding Stark to the mix causes some interesting back and forth at times.

    Action is very well done here. Three standout especially. Staircase, airport (obviously), and the final fight is especially kind of gritty. Bad decision to not let someone die out of the group. That could've been the thing that showed some consequences of their powers, but there really are none.

    Enjoyable enough. I don't think I have it in me to even try the DC World.

    What's Black Panther's angle going to be? He was pretty impressive.

    Never saw Ultron. Oops.

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    Ultron is a waste of time, really.
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    Quote Quoting transmogrifier (view post)
    Ultron is a waste of time, really.
    Other than the opening sequence, agreed.

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    Quote Quoting Skitch (view post)
    Other than the opening sequence, agreed.
    Does this include the party banter? Excelsior!

    Also the Klaw introduction will play a part in Black Panther.

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