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Thread: 10 Cloverfield Lane (Dan Trachtenberg)

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    You see Cloverfield, you expect aliens. There were aliens.

    I don't know about this Season of the Witch though.

    By the way, let's talk about John Goodman here. I did like that he had a right balance of being absolutely insane, no matter what's going on outside, but you couldn't tell just how far gone he was. I thought he did a pretty damn good job. I've always thought he could be a good villain.

    I've always liked Winstead, but just seems like she's never gotten the role to set her apart.

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    Quote Quoting Dukefrukem (view post)
    What was Carpenter's plan with SotW?
    It was supposed to be the start of turning the Halloween series into an anthology series.

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    I was engaged, but it's...a bit awkward. [

    Howard feels not like a flesh and blood person, but a plot device. He's there to keep us guessing as to what's actually going on outside and if there's something going on.

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    Man, what took me so long to watch this? Oh right, I wasn't a fan of Cloverfield back in the day... But this is something different and excellently done. Like someone said before, I loved that the movie was almost over and still packing genre reversals and surprises. And Goodman/Winstead might have been my favorite acting showdown of the year. I don't think I'd seen Goodman play a psychopath on this level before, which is weird given his physique and face.

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    Finally watched this as well! Very good film and I don't have the same reservations/problems others here have posted about. Goodman was amazing! I liked Cloverfield and I don't see why this can't be in the same universe. Those aren't necessarily aliens, the vessel looked organic. The sphincter towards the end reminded me of what I saw in the original. I thought it was a bit ridiculous when she defeated that thing with a Molotov but after thinking about it more, if it was just some organic creature (and not an advanced alien) it makes more sense.
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