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Thread: The Witch (Robert Eggers)

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    I mean.. I guess you can call this the "We're re-releasing it, so we don't care about spoiling everything for people who didn't see it the first time, but reminding those who did of all the big moments" trailer. But I can see why they went with "The Horror Sensation"..

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    This is a very weird plan. Are there people out there who wanted to see this that didn't? If so, wouldn't they care about spoilers? Re-watch audience has to be super low. And also they're still kind of misrepresenting the movie in the tone of the advertising, which is part of what bit them in the first place.
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    Saw this only two weeks ago, and there were only four others in the theater.

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    The Pan
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    I was totally gripped from minute 1 right to the end.

    I don't understand those calling this "a horror film in the loosest sense of the word". It was horrifying.

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    The Pan
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    "Would you like to taste butter?"

    *heart drops into feet*

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    Quote Quoting Pop Trash (view post)
    This was alright. Maybe I just had too high of expectations, or maybe there is just some first feature film jitters here by Eggers, but it was a little underwhelming. I don't think it's of the level of It Follows or The Babadook (two films it's oft compared to), even if I forgive the guy for not exactly being Kubrick or Friedkin either.

    The goat was cool, I'll give it that. Also is this the first satanic/devil/witch movie to incorporate a goat(s) to this extent?
    Greta comparisons. The sense of dread is so much heavier in It Follows and Babadook... until the 3rd act rolls around in The Witch. This is due to the audience not knowing what the fuck is going on in both of the former movies. What's a Babadook? Why are people running away from the camera in It Follows? The title of The Witch already assumes fear that it is already known. Those are the tiny differences in why The Witch could feel a bit underwhelming.

    But Jesus that Raven scene got me good.

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    Thought this was really interesting. It's like a survey history of beliefs in witchcraft in that time and place delivered in a form that forces you to empathise with those that believed them. Cool movie.
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    Yeah, this was fantastic. A nerve wracking experience. I think Spinal is missing the point here. The directors know most audiences would be expecting a revisionistic film and what he delivers is something completely different and unique.

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