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Thread: The Upcoming Film Discussion Thread?

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    Picked up Regal Unlimited pass today for $60 off (thanks Mal). Sadly, no movies out right now that I want to see. So it got me thinking of what I'm anticipating.

    Most anticipated:
    1. Licorice Pizza (no trailer, but promising cast/plot and PTA coming off his best movie)
    2. The Power of the Dog (looks to be a home run for Campion, best trailer I've seen in some time)
    3. Titane (sure to be wild, Raw was a fantastic debut for Ducournau, palme d'or win)
    4. The Tragedy of Macbeth (striking trailer, early raves, how can it miss?)
    5. Red Rocket (I've got nothing but love for Sean Baker)

    I'll also be more than happy to see:
    Spencer (loved Jackie, waiting for Kristen Stewart to finally wow me)
    Don't Look Up (is it too big for its britches? I'll be happy to find out)
    The French Dispatch (Wes going full Wes. Tons to appreciate)
    Dune (IMAX here we come)
    The Humans (my morbid curiosity can get the best of me)

    Dishonorable mentions:
    King Richard
    House of Gucci
    West Side Story
    tick, tick... BOOM

    Also, with C'mon C'mon, Belfast, Passing, The Tragedy of Macbeth, and (parts of) The French Dispatch -- b&w movies coming on strong this awards season.

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    Quote Quoting Peng (view post)
    New film from Paul Verhoeven, in competition at Cannes this year.

    Verhoeven, still causing a stir with his films at 83!

    Midnight Run (1988) - 9
    The Smiling Lieutenant (1931) - 8.5
    The Adventures of Robinhood (1938) - 8
    Sisters (1973) - 6.5
    Shin Godzilla (2016) - 7.5

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    Loonies, eh?

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    Damn, this looks incredible.
    Last Seen:​
    The Summit of the Gods (P. Imbert, 2021) ☆
    F is for Family, S5 (B. Burr/M. Price, 2021) ☆
    Arcane: League of Legends (C. Linke/A. Yee, 2021) ☆
    Amphibia, S3A (M. Braly, 2021) ☆
    Michael Clayton (T. Gilroy, 2007)
    Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!, S1 (K. Miura, 2020) ☆
    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, S8 (J. Oliver, 2021) ☆
    Animaniacs (2020), S2 (W. Wild, S. Spielberg, 2021) ☆
    True Detective, S3 (N. Pizzolatto, 2019)
    Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie, Part 2 (C. Kon, 2021) ☆

    First time ☆

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    I don't believe this one will happen.

    No Time to Die - ** 1/2
    Black Widow - *
    Nobody - ***


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    Quote Quoting Ezee E (view post)
    I don't believe this one will happen.
    Why not?

    Not much of a deadhead myself but I love the idea btw.

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