The Rules of the Game:

How to post selections:

- Assign a rating to each album based on a scale of 1-10
- Half points may be used
- It is not necessary to rank the albums. Instead, please post all lists in chronological order, starting with the earliest album.

For an album to be eligible for the band's overall rating, it must have at least four (4) votes. Otherwise, there isn't a sufficient amount of votes to make the rating as objective or effective as an album that has received twenty (20) votes. If an album is mentioned only once or twice, I will still post that album's average (quite easy if only mentioned once) but I will separate it from the albums that factor into the band's overall rating.

Obviously this is essentially copied from the directors consensus and this is sorta a trial run to see if there is any interest in continuing to do this. I chose Radiohead since I'm fairly certain most everyone here has heard at least one of their albums. I'll probably do a couple of these if it turns out well and then if it turns out really well maybe doing a weekly thing which has been done in the past in other sub-forums might end up happening. Who knows?

As for time frame I'll keep this open for say 2 weeks or so and see how many voters we get in here.

As for the albums. The main ones are obviously up for contention and I would suppose in certain circumstances Live recordings are up for grabs if they're officially released (no bootlegs). EPs I'd say are fair game but Singles are not and no compilations. Here is a list of official albums as well as year they came out.


Pablo Honey - 1993
The Bends - 1995
OK Computer - 1997
Kid A - 2000
Amnesiac - 2001
Hail to the Thief - 2003
In Rainbows - 2007
The King of Limbs - 2011