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Thread: Brick Mansions (Camille Delamarre)

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    Brick Mansions (Camille Delamarre)


    Director: Camille Delamarre


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    ... WOW. And I thought Divergent was dumb. But that movie has NOTHING on the sheer level of idiocy on display here. Now, to be fair to the overly and unintentionally goofy action sequences, the fact that I'm seeing this thing right after The Raid 2 really is a major disservice to it. But I was willing to forgive all that and take this in as just a dumb, fun action flick, until this thing veers WAY off course with the climax [
    ]. I swear there isn't a brain cell to be had in this thing, and I fear I may have lost many myself after sitting through it, as I was left unable to even think clearly after being subjected to such an unfathomably stupid movie. Just... man...

    The respects paid to Paul Walker just before the credits roll was actually almost disrespectful coming after a movie such as this...

    Edit: Full review:

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