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I'd rate season one a bit higher than this last season. This one seemed to really stumble as it headed to the finish. I feel like it's trying to accomplish waaaaay too much in far too short a period of time. The entrance and exit of the farm is a perfect example of this. Perhaps it's a show that just doesn't settle well with binge-watching (although season one had no issues for me). Too often I'm left scratching my head at the quick change of heart the characters display. "We can't trust Helena! Never mind, it's cool if she stays with us." "We can't let them anywhere near Kira, it's too dangerous! Well, maybe just this once, with our supervision." "You scammed me and took me for a lot of money and left me stranded! Oh well, I forgive you, let's have sex." I feel like if the show just took its time, these interactions and decisions would seem a lot less forced, but perhaps they don't have that luxury. I'm not sure at this point. I guess a lot of that depends on just how far they are from completing the story they want to tell.
Agreed with a lot of this, especially the last part. Iíd feel better about the entire series if I knew it was ending after next season. Having said that, I think the show does a good job of putting us in the WtF world of itsí main protagonists. Shit is moving at breakneck speed and no one (least of all the viewers) really knows who to trust. This helps me out with my main gripe with the show, which is Paulís existence. Simply having him as an X factor that could be manipulated so easily gave made me care about him a tiny-bit more, appropriately enough as a tool (in this case, for advancing the story of the military conspiracy).

All-in-all, I love this show. Allison is such a fucking amazing character and pretty much anything involving her was fantastic this season (telling her disposal story to Vic had my wife and I doubling over). The acting all around is great, though, special props to the supporting cast who (with the exception of Paul, in which case: who really gives a fuck?) have really showed up this season.
If for no other reason than Felix, this show is a must for me next season. My life is better off knowing Felix.