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Thread: 3 Days to Kill (McG)

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    3 Days to Kill (McG)

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    Why would they make a movie like this that seems to revolve more around a father/daughter relationship rather than the CIA angle. In Taken, it was about saving his daughter. In 3 Days to Kill, it's about building a friendship, going to the park, making dinner, going out to lunch. Who is this movie appealing to?
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    I imagine it's supposed to be in the same category as Taken and Leon?

    If this hadn't been a McG film and they had toned down the more oversized action elements (daylight shoot outs, big car chases), it could have been something.

    The biggest trouble is the two halves don't complement each other at all. Amber Heard looks like a refugee from Paris Fashion Week and vamps her way through all her scenes. The CIA plot plays like a bad Brian Michael Bendis comic book. The family angle is rote and hackneyed as hell.

    With a different interpretation -- an absentee dad with a brutal occupation tries to reconnect with his family -- it might have been an interesting drama. As it stands it's just a severely mediocre action film. Costner carries it as far as it goes (he and Connie Nielsen make many scenes work that shouldn't) but man it's not nearly enough.

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