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Thread: 5 Broken Cameras (Burnat and Davidi)

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    5 Broken Cameras (Burnat and Davidi)

    last four:
    john wick - 7
    long shot - 7
    everybody knows - 7
    arachnophobia - 6

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    This was quite powerful for me, more for the effects of how the son Gibreel begins to harbor the same feelings as the rest of the town. It encapsulates how these living conditions create and foster the resentment that can't then be stayed.

    There's a few instances where I almost question whether or not Emad "fed" his family lines to say, as there's a couple moments where things seem too simply sketched, but it's largely effective and emotionally enraging. Good stuff, and a great year for documentaries between this, Invisible War, and How to Survive a Plague. Still hoping to get to Somewhere Between before mid-February...
    Ant-Man and the Wasp - 5
    Hereditary - 7
    Won't You Be My Neighbor? - 7.5
    The Tale - 8

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