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Thread: Cutting the Cord

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    I'm the problem it's me DFA1979's Avatar
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    None of your business
    I do love Pluto even though the ads on there are very aggressive.

    I got Peacock for $2 a month for a year and so far it's not bad. I mean it does include live sports and the content on there is solid enough.

    And it's happened once again
    I'll turn to a friend
    Someone that understands
    And sees through the master plan
    But everybody's gone
    And I've been here for too long
    To face this on my own
    Well, I guess this is growing up

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    Heh, I went straight from Broadcast to Streaming so no cord was cut. Most of my streaming is on Criterion but Prime has an awesome selection even if you have to pay a few extra bucks to rent a movie sometimes.

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