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Thread: Submarine (Richard Ayoade)

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    Submarine (Richard Ayoade)


    I fell pretty hard for Submarine when I saw it a couple months ago. It's just really nice when you're watching something and all you can think is "This movie was made specifically for me." Constantly teeters on the brink of being too cute in its 15 year old riff on the nouvelle vague but imo it got a lot more right than not. It even included what felt like a hat-tip to Rushmore by resolving a key plot strand with a hand job. Only thing that really didn't work was the Paddy Considine character, which seemed to have been taken straight out of Napoleon Dynamite or some such. He's still funny, though, and I mean the whole cast is just awesome from Craig Roberts to Yasmin Paige to Sally Hawkins and especially Noah Taylor "Ka-nock, ka-nock..."

    I would recommend this movie to everyone

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    Yeah it's a really enjoyable movie, with a lot of surprisingly beautiful stuff to be found in it. The more I think about it over time, the more I think I like it. My main issue was that I agree that it's often hard to tell if it's a story about a character with an overly precious and smug world view or if it's a film that actually buys into one. But luckily the end I think it's safe to say that it brings itself to effectively realize how unsympathetic Oliver has been for the most part )and it's better for it), and how much of the film's mannerisms and style lend to the way he sees his own life: a gloriously dramatic and emotional experiment that he's somehow in charge of, resembling the sorts of films and literature he loves.

    Alex Turner's songs are particularly strong as well, especially when given the amusing added layer of him looking remarkably like an older version of Oliver in real life.
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