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    When I saw that tank episode on Adult Swim one night, I ran out and bought the set. That episode is A+
    And everything concerning Kuze is incredible.

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    Season 2!

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    I got into a bunch of anime series over the last year or so, catching up on things that were or are widely praised and that I never really got a chance to start. But I've seen a good few items (not in order of favorites, just a list):

    1. Commented on the Netflix Voltron series elsewhere. Incredible overall.

    2. One-Punch Man. Hilarious sense of humor and gobsmacking animation at its peak. First season is basically a masterpiece of anime parody and also fucking badass at depicting exactly what it's poking fun at.

    3. Boku no hero academia. Shit, if I had seen this at the age these shonen anime are aimed at I woulda pissed myself having something this cool to watch. Few shows I've seen get the blood pumping and have the visceral, heart-on-sleeve sincerity of this show.

    4. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?. Heard about this, gave it a watch. Fun if you are into RPGs or MMOs, tho some of the gender/sexual politics are kinda dicey, even for an anime aimed at young boys.

    5. Overlord. Very similar to above, though has some terrific animation and action scenes. The narrative as it has just recently ended is sorta losing me re: the main character's motivations and goodness/badness.

    6. Naruto. The classic. I have to admit, I did not watch the whole unabridged show, with all the repetition and filler intact--"hey this dude lost his pet in the woods," "hey this bitch wants to learn how to make pancakes." I know I missed some character-building episodes, but absolutely not. I watched the abridged version and it was still untold hours of content and I think I got the gist of it. Great show. I understand its popularity now, although fuck Sasuke. Fuck that selfish little shitbag. I don't feel sorry for you at all and Sakura takes you back like instantly after the world's most pitiful apology just cause she fell in love with you when y'all were eight or something. Fuck Sasuke.

    7. Mob Psycho 100. Super good stuff, very spiritually similar to One-Punch Man in some regards. One problem a lot of these superpower shonen anime have is jobbing though. So much jobbing.

    8. Devilman Crybaby. Holy shit. What the ever-loving fuck. Don't take any substances while watching this show or you might kill your entire family. Terrific art style and just a mad, wild narrative.

    9. Death Note. Haven't seen Netflix version. This is great, though. Really compelling and fascinating twistyness to it. Super fun to watch, although when [
    ], the show feels the loss. Not as strong a finish.

    10. Castlevania. Commented elsewhere. Badass and vibrant and actually gives a shit to tell the Castlevania story, one of loss and regret and mournful loneliness. Imagine that.

    11. Hunter x Hunter. See comments on Boku no hero. If I had this to watch when I was a little snot-nosed kid, I never would have gone outside, even though I'd be brimming with energy to have my own adventures. However, this suffers from some appalling, crippling repetition and exposition overload, especially in the much-loved Chimera Ant arc, which could have been like 20 episodes fewer and been totally fucking fine Jesus stop saying the same goddamn things over and over again. Otherwise, this is just a killer show.

    12. Attack on Titan. I'm not really all that invested in the story--humanity, titans, walls, corruption, etc.--but the animation can be incredible at times. I feel like I fell asleep through parts of the first season, though, but when the show hits its stride it's a mean motherfucker.
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    Another solid season of RWBY came to an end. Highlight? [

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