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Thread: Star Wars Saga Discussion

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    Doubtful for me, since if that is so, won't the GoT backlash work in similar way as well, maybe even stronger because I feel it's more pervasive? It's not just the diehard fans or the critics, but normal watchers of the show as well. Go into any article, on its own site or twitter/facebook posts of this news, and it's quite a thing to see 90%+ of the reactions all hostile, pessimistic, and/or negative.
    Luckily, they have the other seven seasons in their pocket to work from, including two-ish non-GRRM seasons that brought GoT to a Star Wars-hype. If they came in on Season 8, that may be a whole different cookie.

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    I think Solo's performance probably made them blink more than TLJ.
    For sure. I think people who hated TLJ are louder saying that's the cause (not anyone on MC btw, I mean irl for me) because they want it to be. One could also say the mixed reaction to TFA (as far as being more homage/remake of part 4) is why TLJ underperformed. I dont agree with either take. Look to the films who's directors got punted and half the films remade for their decision to pull back. Far more logical than them caring about critical response.

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