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Thread: The TV Discussion Thread

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    What Irish said. There has been so much awareness about the way right wing extremists and Nazis put emphasis on communicating through symbols that are far from obvious that when you see it it is not a coincidence.

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    Quote Quoting Dukefrukem (view post)
    I'm delighted to see Scrubs on your list. I don't know why that show gets hate. It's quick paced, witty and enjoyable.
    It had a great ending then went on like two more seasons. Still, hilarious show. Wife and I went through it with both newborns lol

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    I really have no empathy for someone going in for a Buddhist Swastika and expecting a Buddhist reaction.

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    Quote Quoting Irish (view post)

    I dare you to go to your tattooist and tell them you want a "Buddhist swastika" in a visible place. See what they say.
    You're not wrong. The tattoo artists I work with don't even tattoo the back of hands if the clients are unaware of their consequences.

    If all that shit on twitter is true, fuck that guy.

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