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Thread: Bugs? Suggestions? Issues?

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    Quote Quoting Ezee E (view post)
    MadMan found a glitch. Guess the "image verification" to register as a new user wasn't working. I've updated it, and think it should now be working.
    Jesus Christ, I just saw this post. Would've saved me the leg work.

    I have a very busy head. I have inside voices that I have learned to contain.

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    Quote Quoting Ezee E (view post)
    I wish there was an easier way of navigating through that image verification. Doesn't seem to be enough for the spambots.
    Spambots are the worst. The Corrie gets hit with those bad.

    Also Scar finally saw your post about the glitch hehe.
    And as he lay there
    Playing games with his pain
    He felt his choice of jobs
    Was such a mistake
    He could have been a doctor
    In a soft easy chair
    In stead he chose three stars
    A territorial affair

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