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Thread: Frank Darabont and Stephen King to reteam again for 'The Long Walk'

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    That doesn't sound cool then.
    I don't know if it's a "cool" story. It's a pretty horrifying one though.
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    There's a lot more to it than that, I think. Its examination of fascism, and its portrayal of the developing disillusionment with it amongst the boys during the walk is multifaceted and cumulatively devastating.
    indeed. it's very different from their previous collaborations. i like most of those, but i have doubt at the moment.
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    With Fahrenheit 451 set to be Darabont's next project, The Long Walk could still be a long way off. "That right now is still in the future. That's on one of the back burners for now. It probably won't be too long but before I do that, I'm hoping to get Fahrenheit 451 rolling next year.
    This part of the article excites me more than the fact he's going to make another King adaption. But the guy seems to have a great track record with them why stop? I haven't read The Long Walk but I have heard of it and other Bachman books.

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