Sorry, I should have posted this earlier.

I have turned off registration to the site. We don't get new members every day, so rather than having to spend the whole day deleting the 12 or 13 spam accounts that attempt to register, I just turned off the function. I figured the loss would likely be minimal. We mainly get new members on word of mouth, so...

If you know someone who wants to join, PM me. I'll open it up for that brief period, still requiring my approval first, and the person can join. You'll need to tell me what user name they have chosen so I can allow that specific person to register.

I realize we may lose a few people who stumble by the site and wish to join and would add good contributions. But, I think for now it's a loss I'm willing to take. I still encourage everyone to get as many people as you can interested in joining the site. I don't want to plateau but to keep adding new, useful members to the site. We can still grow, but I just have to keep a close eye and this for me is the easiest way.