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Philip J. Fry
01-31-2020, 07:39 AM
Oh boy.

Philip J. Fry
01-31-2020, 02:09 PM
Fuuuuuuuuuuuck, those last four episodes were a brutal, emotional ride.

Philip J. Fry
02-11-2020, 11:12 PM
A fantastic breakdown of The View from Halfway Down, the penultimate episode of BoJack Horseman, which includes all the call backs, references, possible metaphors and themes across this episode. Great watch!

02-13-2020, 07:56 AM
Might be a minority opinion in thinking that Season 6’s first batch is only second to Season 1’s in being the show’s “least” good first half, and also that while Season 5 retains a baseline of high quality, Bojack’s arc started to get near meandering and repetitive. That’s why, forced or not, I was glad to learn Season 6 is the last one because it just seemed like proper time, and finding Season 6.1 comparatively rather unimpressive only confirmed that stance for me too.

That said, Season 6.2 might rank up there with the tail end of Season 3 in having the show’s best closing stretch of episodes ever. The show miraculously pulls of a most difficult high-wire act, having all of Bojack’s past transgressions come home to roost while being clear-eyed, unsparing, non-miserablist, and also still with its own trademark entertaining, witty, and compassionate storytelling. It has me from the third episode “Sunk Cost and All That”, where Bojack and his friends learned that his past house of cards would come crumble down, then the episode paused for a long shot of him leaving to give a speech while Princess Caroline and Diane remained contemplating and worrying in the room. It’s such a remarkable, poignant sequence in depicting a last agonizing bit of normalcy the characters and we clung onto, before tearing it all down in subsequent episodes.

Contrary to many, I didn’t find the series finale a come-down or rushed at all. After the brilliant, form-bending, gut-twisting “The View From Halfway Down”, it’s a refreshing change of pace from other “resolute” series finales. That clear sense of resolution will go against the show’s whole ethos, which is all about dealing in the difficult but necessary consequences of your own lives and actions. The show already gives us that sense of normal-show finality in its penultimate episode, but the finale offers us something uniquely its own, while being no less brilliant and moving than what comes before: A new status quo in which all these characters have to navigate forwards now, whether together or apart, in the business of living. It’s both tediously bleak and beautifully hopeful, which succinctly captures all the brilliance that is Bojack Horseman over its past six seasons. I’m going to miss these guys.

02-13-2020, 08:53 AM
Season 1: B+
Season 2: A-
Season 3: A+
Season 4: A
Season 5: B+
Season 6.1: B
Season 6.2: A+

Series Grade: A

Philip J. Fry
02-19-2020, 05:11 PM
"For #BoJackHorseman fans: An oral history of the dark, fantastic penultimate episode of the series, "The View From Halfway Down.""

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10-03-2020, 12:27 AM
BoJack Horseman creator and showrunner Raphael Bob-Waksberg takes you deeper inside one of the culminating sequences of his Emmy®-nominated animated series. In a dream sequence, BoJack has a heart-to-heart with his father (in the form of Secretariat, who also performs a poem), while Zach Braff returns from the dead along with other deceased characters.

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10-03-2020, 01:23 AM
Amazing thread.
Tafel wrote the episode, BTW.

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