View Full Version : The Boys (Season 1)

08-07-2019, 01:37 AM

Ummmmm holy shit that first episode first scene.

Is anyone watching this?

08-07-2019, 05:21 AM
I liked this enough while I was watching it --- the cast is really quite good and the scenarios are grotesquely funny --- but maaaaan it goes nowhere. Worse, the fucking thing ends on a meaningless cliffhanger.

The characters are too one-dimensional and that's the show's biggest weakness. Everything there is to know about these people in this world we learn in the first 20 minutes of the first episode. 8 episodes and some 7 hours later, they're exactly the same.

08-07-2019, 12:15 PM
I haven't got past the first episode but talk about grabbing your attention. I'm not in the market for a new TV series right now, so I think it's something I'll let my wife watch without me.

08-10-2019, 03:42 AM
The actors carry this quite well, often thru the weaker parts, and it can be a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing what they do with a second season. Dude who played Homelander was dynamite. The corporate and religious angles, while not particularly deep, are still pretty damn funny.

03-06-2020, 03:23 AM
Mildly enjoyable despite itself. The storytelling is a like a weird throwback blend of both post-Breaking Bad, gritty prestige TV and Kick-Ass/Wanted edginess. Each can be effective on its own but doesnít mix so well, because the formerís taking itself (too) seriously lessens the fun of the latter, and the latter is too surface pleasure to support the formerís bloat and unhurried pace. (For comparison, HBOís Watchmen has much heavier and complex material, but its storytelling is much, much snappier) Also very less interested in The Boys than The Supes, because the satire is legitimately fresh fun than the revenge storylineís morose predictability. MVP: Elisabeth Shue and Anthony Starr, who relish digging deep into their satire of corporate-meets-superhero culture most uproariously, and whose fascinating, twisted chemistry of their scenes together truly transcend the whole show.

11-14-2020, 03:07 PM
Finished this last night finally. Yeh, enjoyed it. Happy to start the second season.