View Full Version : Nathan For You (Season 3)

Milky Joe
10-18-2015, 06:10 AM
http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-oc07k4XXQbI/U7MrzjsptII/AAAAAAABX38/qwmriODUdrI/s800/Nathan+For+you+season+2+billbo ard.jpg

Episode 1 was hilarious. This is one of the most ingeniously funny shows of all time.

Henry Gale
10-19-2015, 04:30 AM
It really might be the show I'm now most excited for every week it's on. Even some of my other current favourites I am more than fine letting a few episodes build up in my viewing queue, but this pretty much needs to be live broadcast / ASAP.

If you haven't seen and can find Nathan's full appearances on Kimmel and Seth Meyers from the past week or so, they're well worth checking out too. (YouTube only has short clips.) The fantasy vacation story he describes to Seth is amazing.