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Henry Gale
12-22-2014, 04:33 AM

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Henry Gale
12-22-2014, 04:57 AM
I guess no one else saw this, and that's more than okay.

The first is well-constructed, light, goofy, lofty fun with a grit to it that never quite goes awry into something defeatingly ugly. This one decidedly does that last thing (for instance, a key element of the film's "happy" ending is based on the fact that Aniston raped Charlie Day's character while he was in a coma as she discovered he could still achieved erections) and only the effortlessly funny, improv-toned rapport between the leads keeps it even the slightest bit enjoyable.

Chris Pine's performance might be the best thing here (making this the second movie I've seen this week where he's something of a standout, after his even more assured buffoonery in Into The Woods), it's just a shame the movie doesn't know what to do with his energy and deeply fucked up but charismatic character. And if I similarly hadn't seen Waltz very good in Big Eyes this week, I'd have felt even worse for what little he has to play with here. If they'd even managed a way to have one scene where he was reunited with Foxx would've given each of their roles something to mildly marvel at.

I can't say I didn't laugh, but the times I didn't really made the film's attempts at edginess make the rest of the experience feel depressingly empty and beyond questionable to point of mild disgust, but I'd already revoked all emotional stake in it pretty early and just took those hollow laughs where I could, ready to move on.

At least everyone talented here shouldn't have to come back for a third movie.

* / 3.9